CSGO Butterfly Knife Night

$69.00 $34.00

  • CSGO Value: $140+
  • Overall Length: 9.5”
  • Folding Length: 5.5”
  • Handle materials: Stainless Steel
  • Steel: 440C
  • Weight: 200 G
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This Butterfly Knife “Night” is NOT SHARP. The blade comes rounded off. This is because butterfly/Balisong knives are frequently Illegal. The Blade is made from 440c stainless steel, and the handles from tool (carbon) steel, so if you want to add your own edge to the blade it will hold up, but do so at your own risk.

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  1. so much fun to flip i learned how to spin it around my finger im going to take a video soon and send it to you guys. thanks for being so helpful when i emailed u and sorry for being mean about shipping it showed up the next morning

  2. 1 word: WOW

    easily my favorite knife i have. was going to buy from a different company but it was an easy decision to pay less for the literally the same thing and probably all come from the same factory in china or where ever they slave children to make these.

  3. yeah i bought this but when i opened it it was night time so i couldnt even seee it but then the next day it was day time and then i saw it and fell in love. i keep loosing it at night time i need night vision goggles.. hm next purchase 🙂 seriously i dropped it and didnt even scratch good quality stuff

  4. My Karambit Night finally has a friend.

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